Shirley's sketches

Photo by John Vulliamy
(Reproduced with kind permission)

I was nineteen when I first saw Florence, and I thought it was the most beautiful city I had ever seen. I had my sketchbook with me and I was enchanted by the narrow winding streets, the washing hanging out of the shuttered windows and the sun-bleached ochres and terracotta browns of the roofs and walls, as well as the grand architecture. This was not long after the end of the Second World War, and I think it was this trip that inspired me to write Hero on a Bicycle many years later.

I hope you enjoy looking through my sketches of the magnificent city of Florence. They were completed on a return trip to Italy in 1990. 

 And here are some sketches of other parts of Italy:

Ruined house, near Todi, Perugia
The garden at Il Torrone

Sunday evening in the main square at Todi, Perugia
Late afternoon in the park at the Villa Doria Pamphilis, Rome
The garden path at Montisi, Tuscany

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